Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is widely considered as an email marketing and automation tool.

Its main goal is to help people grow their businesses and ventures from the ground up by providing better customer experiences.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to integrate Campaign Monitor to MyShopKit.

Step 1. Create a list in Campaign Monitor.

Firstly, You need to create an Campaign Monitor account, click Campaign Monitor to do that.

After that you need to create a list to stored your subscriber's emails. Please follow this 5 steps to create a new list.

1.Click on List and Subscribers. 2.Click on Create a new list.

3. Set your new list a name. 4. Click on Save & close to save your new list. 5. Click on Continue to import to import your existing email to the lists.

Step 2. Campaign Monitor Credential Key.

After your list is created, please follow 4 steps below to get your Campaign Monitor API Access.

1. Click Account Settings.

2. Navigate to API keys.

3.Click "Show API key" to show and copy your API keys. 4.Copy your Client ID Key.

Step 3. Configure MyShopKit with your API keys and lists.

After we have a list and Campaign Monitor authentication keys we gonna configure MyShopKit with that. Please follow this steps to do it.

  1. Login to your store and choose your popup or smart bar you want to configure and click edit (You only have to do this once and all other popups and smart bars will have the same credential keys).

2. Click on Conversion. 3. Click on Email Services.

4. Copy and paste your API Key in (4) field. 5. Copy and paste your Client ID in (5) field. 6. Click on OK.

Congratulation! Your Campaign Monitor has been integrate with our MyShopKit successfully.

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