Popup Goal

After creating/edit a popup, you will be redirected to MyShopKit Popup Editor.

You need to choose the Goal for your Popup first. These are:

  1. Collect Emails: The popup will appear and viewers can type their emails to subscribe your shop. (We often see this type of popup in many websites).

  2. Collect Emails with Win Wheel: Viewers will type their emails, click Subscribe button to start the Win Wheel minigame. Then they can receive some random gifts.

  3. Collect Emails and Get Social Followers with Coupons: Share your Discount Code to visitors who subscribe emails.

  4. Get Social Followers: Drive more traffic to your Social Networks.

  5. Target a URL: Notify visitors about a specific Link of your Shop (for example a product or a page).

  6. Target a URL using images: Promote a specific Link in your Shop with an image (Coming soon)

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